PPE Mercury Racing Flywheel

PPE Mercury Racing Flywheel

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This is our completely custom, in-house manufactured flywheel. It consists of a billet aluminum outer hub, titanium flex plate, titanium center hub washers, and machined ring gear. It's dynamically balanced and weighs under 4.4 lbs vs Mercury Light Weight Flywheel at 6.8 lbs or Stock Flywheel at over 10 lbs.


Our latest enhancements include; completely encapsulated magnets, a heat-treated center hub to virtually eliminate micro-welding, center hub magnet retention to eliminate any possibility of spinning the hub magnet, and enhanced clearance for the stator.

This application is for a 9 or 16 Amp charging system (on all Mercury 2.0, 2.4, 2.5 Liters including 260 ROS, S3000, F1, and 300 Drag) and is available in right (drag or river) and left-hand (race tunnel) rotation; anodized red, blue, or raw aluminum finish; please specify color and rotational direction when ordering.