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PPE Mercury Head Stud Kit

PPE Mercury Head Stud Kit

SKU: 34hsk

The Power Performance Engineering custom ARP head stud kit was designed in-house to replace the head bolts on all Mercury 2.5 Liter V6 2-stroke outboards manufactured between 1991 and 2005 using Head Gasket or O-Ring Heads.


These custom ARP parts replaces the OEM head bolts with high-strength stainless studs and 12 ARP point nuts to allow for more precise and increased torque specs with less potential damages to the threads in the block.


Our kit includes 24 heads studs and 24 nuts and 24 washers to replace the original 24 OEM bolts (SCREW - part number #10-98534). 


These studs are superior in quality and craftsmanship to any head stud kit on the market.

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