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Mercury Racing Stator OEM

Mercury Racing Stator OEM

SKU: 39ms

This is a factory original ( OEM part number 398-5454 A36 ) Mercury Racing 16 amp Stator. This stator is rated for higher RPMs and is dimensionally different from the stock stators.


This part is intended for the 260 ROS  and 300 Drag motor and also works well on the 280 when converted from 40 amp to 16 amp.


This is also a nice upgrade that will fit most all 9 and 16 amp Mercury V6 2-stroke outboards (2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liters) from 135 to 200HP manufactured between 1976 and 2005.  


Replaces : 398-5454A11, 398-5454A15,398-5454A16, 398-5454A30,398-5454A31, 398-5454A32,398-5454A34, 398-5454A35,398-5454A36, 398-5454A61,398-5454A64, 398-5454A66, 174-5456-16, 398-5454 A36 and 9 amp 98-5454A2, 398-5454A6,398-5454A7, 398-5454A8, 398-5454A9, 398-5454A17,398-5454A18, 398-5454A55, 174-5456

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