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Mercury Lightning E.T

Mercury Lightning E.T

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Mercury OEM


The Lightning E.T. is providing top performance in a variety of recreational boat applications (bass, flats and modified v-bottoms) as well.  Besides delivering an incredible hole shot and awesome acceleration, the Lightning E.T. also produces natural bow lift, reducing drag and increasing the efficiency of the boat. This adds up to higher speeds and better fuel economy, requiring less engine trim.

  • For single-engine applications up to 300hp, the E.T. is a staple for high-performance bass boats, tunnels, and modified v-bottoms
  • The Lightning E.T. produces natural bow lift, thus requiring less trim for maximum speed. This means less horsepower is used to lift the boat, and more can be used for achieving top-end speed and acceleration.
  • Requires an optional  hub kit for a small or large shaft.

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    PriceFrom $1,500.00
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