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Engine Dyno Service

Engine Dyno Service

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Power Performance Engineering Engine Dynamometer Service.

Put your V6 Mercury powerhead on our computerized engine dyno that is the most accurate outboard dyno cell on the planet outside of the OEMs.

We can provide the following services

Power and torque measurement

Computer controller sweep rates to match real world application.

Engine timing and fuel calibration including emissions analysis.

Component and Part testing.

Combustion analysis and port pressure trace testing.

OEM and racing development programs for all kinds of engine types.

With 25 years of V6 Mercury testing and 25000 recorded tests we know what works and what does not.

We sell only what we have tested ,won races and championships with at the highest levels of racing, we have large area in the shop full of parts that did not make the grade.

Starting at $900 contact for availability and more details to schedule an appointment.



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