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AiM TC (Thermocouple) Hub for MXL, MXG, EVO Series

AiM TC (Thermocouple) Hub for MXL, MXG, EVO Series

SKU: 163tch

Increase the analog channel capability on your AiM data logger without occupying any analog channels! The TC Hub connects to the logger through the CAN bus to add four analog channels for EGT, cylinder head temperature, or fluid temperature. Accepts up to four AiM K-Type thermocouples (sold separately). Thermocouples with the yellow 2-pin flat connectors require a K-Type to 712 3-Pin Adapter Cable, (sold separately) for each thermocouple.

You can also use an AiM CAN Data Hub (Part No. 158, sold separately) to connect up to four TC Hubs for as many as 16 thermocouples!

The TC Hub works with AiM MXL, MXL2, and MXG/MXS data logging dashes; and EVO3, EVO4, EVO4S, and EVO5 data loggers. Not compatible with MyChron series dashes. 150 cm (4.9") cable has a male 712 (screw-in) 5-pin connector.

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