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AiM SmartyCam3 Dual, 84 degree Lens, 2 Meter Cable

AiM SmartyCam3 Dual, 84 degree Lens, 2 Meter Cable

SKU: 155dsc3

The top-of-the-line SmartyCam 3 Dual from AiM brings together the pro-level strength of AiM data systems with the broadcast-quality HD video of the AiM SmartyCam, for the first time with a dual video camera system!

With the option to connect to an AiM GPS09 Module (sold separately) and your vehicle ECU (CAN protocol only), the SmartyCam 3 Dual can gather a lot of data -- both overlaid on the video and logged for analysis in Race Studio 3. Connecting to an AiM data logger further expands your data options. All of the data is synchronized to the video, so you can see exactly what happened, where, and why.

The image from the second camera can be overlaid anywhere on the main video image for a custom picture-in-picture effect. A 3G SDI video output lets you connect a live video feed to your streamer device (not included).

**This kit includes two compact "bullet" cameras, each with an 84 degree field of view (perfect for positioning over the driver's shoulder in a formula car, or near the windshield in a sedan). Also included are the base recording unit, two cables for connecting the cameras to the base unit and the "Standard + Ethernet" wiring harness (containing 5-pin CAN/Exp, 9-15 V Power In, GND, ECU CAN+, ECU CAN-, and Ethernet connections). Note that the camera requires an external power source and an SD memory card (not included; a card up to 2TB capacity will work).

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