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AiM Sensors

AiM Sensors

SKU: 146sns

If competing at the highest level is your aim, sensors are such a key element to complete a full racing package: collecting data at every lap, they let you know what is actually happening around your car, helping you to fix problems the car/bike/kart might face session after session and even make you understand how to improve your performance.


Engine temperature, water/oil, and tire temperature can be constantly monitored as well as oil pressure and brakes fluid pressure, displayed in real-time on the dash logger they interface with.

The AiM sensors, indeed, used by world-class teams all over the world, are made to endure the most critical conditions and they are extremely reliable when it comes to download and analyze the collected data.


They all feature a straight link, wired by a 4-pin binder and they have a standard pinout. A large range of extension cables is even available to simplify any installation.


We can order/make many different types of sensors as an AiM authorized dealer. These are the types of assemblies that are available but unlisted on the website.


  • SmartyCam HD and SmartyCam GP HD
  • GPS05 Module
  • ECU interface cables
  • Channel Expansion
  • Thermocouple Hub
  • LCU-One Lambda Controller
  • Data/CAN Hub
  • Temperature sensors (fuel, water, exhaust gas temp)
  • Pressure sensors (fuel, water)
  • Position sensors (including throttle and steering)
  • Lap Beacons (receivers and transmitters)
  • Gyroscopes
  • Accelerometers
  • High/Low voltage RPM pickup sensors


Chances are we have or can get any cable or connector you may need. Please use the contact us form for the quickest response.

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