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5 Petal Billet Reed Cage

5 Petal Billet Reed Cage

SKU: 330brc

5 Petal Billet Reed Cage


The PPE Mercury Racing reed cages replace all Mercury 2.0, 2.4, 2.5 Liter 4/5 petal.

(Small 200 reed cage, not for 7 petal crankcase half)


These fully CNC machines billet aluminum cages have been developed and dyno tested and are now available after this extensive testing.


Developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics along with a lot of flow bench and dynamometer testing, the benefits include 25% more cross-section area where it counts, allowed by exclusive 5 axis 3d machined flow path.


We deliver these as full set of 6 with brand new dual-stage Boyesen Power Reeds.


Typical gains on a stock laser 200 ~5hp+ with slide installed ~10hp+


Please see our Youtube and Facebook page for dyno tests of this product.


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