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200 HP bolt on Performance Kit

200 HP bolt on Performance Kit

SKU: 400bok

As per our stock 200hp dyno series that can be found on YouTube, take your stock engine to a 267hp ( at the crankshaft)beast with all the bolt on parts below.

Rod bearings $120

Arp bolts $235

Ex plate $575

Ex plate bolts $55

Cut heads $250(send your heads in)

Plug wires $110

Water kit 200/Promax $220

Stator $355

Flywheel $1000

Timing pointer $25

Regulator kit $225

Fuel pump block off $30

An fitting kit $110

2x 90#6 $36

#6 hose $10

Oil injection block off $60

Oil injection cover

Throttle clip $25

Slide intake with ECu bracket $1450

Billet Reed cages with reeds $875

Starter Wrap $8

Starter Wires $20

Billet starter caps $115

Rectifier $61

849x ECU $1500

Tygon $11


Vacuum caps $6

Coil hold downs $75

Coil ground wires $20

Total $7582

Package price $6800 contact us with any further questions or package options.

Does not include Powerhead

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