AiM Memory Key

AiM Memory Key

The AiM Memory Key allows for immediate storage of data acquired by AiM loggers (such as the EVO4) during test or race sessions. The key allows for the data of the session to be recorded to the key and it can be immediately removed (without connecting a computer to the data logger).


After removal, the key can be connected to a computer with a USB port where the data can be reviewed in Race Studio, even while the driver is completing another set of laps. It also makes separating driver data sharing the same vehicle easy, each driver has their own key.


All information, sensors, and the like are stored on the key. It is exactly as if you were connecting to the logger itself, minus the hassle.


It connects via the AiM CAN system (through the logger directly or through a CAN expansion hub. The USB connector resides under a protective cap on the memory key.